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What do Dragonflys eat?
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What do Dragonflys eat?
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What do Dragonflys eat?? Have you ever wondered?


Agile Predators
Dragonflies specialize in different kinds of hunting techniques. The larva stage is characterized by three basic strategies. Some stalk their prey in vegetation (climbers). Others lie in the mud and debris at the bottom of a pond and wait for prey (sprawlers). One species burrows itself completely in the mud (burrower). While the prey of the larvae is mostly other aquatic insects, some of the larger nymphs attack tadpoles and small fish.

The adult dragonfly is a formidable hunting insect. Incredibly agile, it uses the basket formed by its legs to catch insects on the fly. It eats mainly mosquitoes, midges, and other small flying insects.

By Ashley M. Randall

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